Software Engineer

Solving puzzles one commit at a time.

I am a passionate, bad-joke-telling engineer that loves understanding how things tick. I have a passion for football, food, and always learning more. If something gets my attention I will dive into the subject and add one more thing to my list of random, sometimes useless, facts.

Things I Can Do

Over the course of my career I've learned some languages and interesting things about developing software.

  • Write clean, efficient code
  • Prioritize tasks and make effective goals
  • Work with a team and communicate
  • Asking for help is not always bad

A Few Accomplishments

I've done several projects but some of the most interesting and recent have been:

TestObject/Sauce Labs


Python wrapper of Sauce Labs' (formerly TestObject) RDC API.
With the wrapper, I was able to make pytest-testobject (link) which is a pytest plugin that implements the Suites feature previously only available on Java and Ruby.

Search Engine screenshot

Search Engine

This search engine made in my CS212 Software Development class, crawls through a specified site using a set amount of threads in parallel. It creates an inverted index of all the words in the site, where words are stored by number of hits and position. After all the information is parsed, results can be searched on a basic UI where search results are listed by relevance. Project was written in Java and using Jetty.

MARS health icon

MARS Health

In my Senior Team project which involves a Medical Mobile app to make appointments and help physicians manage their schedules, I am in charge of creating a Relational Database that would hold all the information of clients as well as appointments and office schedules. This was done through MySQL and with the help of triggers and routines that fire up whenever a new row is created or updated on a certain table. Project is done in Java with the Android SDK and MySQL.

Mirror mirror on the wall

Magic Mirror

Variation of Michael Teeuw's Magic Mirror. Uses HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and JQuery to create a simple, sleek design to be reflected on a two way mirror. Uses API's from and SFMTA to display everyday relevant information.

Contact Me

Please visit my Github and LinkedIn sites and get to know a bit more about me. If you have any questions for me, go ahead and send me an email at or fill out this quick Contact Form.